Beautiful is a branding, design and visual identity studio.
We build brands, we create names, logotypes, visual identities, styles, aesthetics, interfaces and packaging.
Perhaps because we walked different paths than other studies (we worked in advertising, we learned to sell), our approach to design us much more from the concept than the form.
We try to design ideas with each aesthetic proposal and create value based on what that idea produces in the consumer.
And that the result is beautiful things that people want to touch, use, carry, read, open, buy, see and show.

Marcela won the first Titanium Grand Prix in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, Silvio was Regional Creative Director of Ogilvy Action. We work together and separately, as now, many times in many agencies.
For years we helped to build brands from advertising and communication.
But for a little while things got weird; the design was transformed, from our point of view, into the almost exclusive tool of branding. And we decided to focus on that, to design, and to put into design all our experience in brands.
We are independent, but in the era of the collaborative economy, do it with friends and people we admire.

These are some of the brands and companies with which we work and to which we help create value throughout our careers.

Beautiful Buenos Aires
Av. de Mayo 1370, 4º 39
C1085ABQ, Buenos Aires
CABA, Argentina
+ 54 911 4185 1279