Since the olive is in the tree until it is in your house, in a week.

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In 2013 ENTRETANTOLAB started this project with a very simple idea: to bring consumers the opportunity to taste fresh, freshly squeezed oil. He found an attribute very little exploited by the sector: freshness.
Even the most exquisite of EVOO reaches consumers months after their production. However, it is in the first 3 months when its properties are more intense: An intense flavor, its opaque color, without rest, dense, and full of aromas and nuances.
ENTRETANTOLAB launched CONSIDER as a limited edition of 1000 Liter numbered bottles in online pre-sale from before its collection and pressing.
Consentido offers then the possibility to enjoy the freshly squeezed and unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a privilege usually only available to producers and their surrounding environment.