Visual Identity

Visual identity and art direction to seat everyone at the same table

/visual identity /art direction

At the request of the advertising agency Mercado McCann, we developed the visual communication identity for Schär, the world’s leading brand of gluten-free foods.
With the given logo, we had to generate the aesthetics for the communication pieces, both massive and digital and social networks. The typography and its layout were changed (tight and of different colors), new guides were dictated for the images, both of people and products and a new color palette was put together to compensate for the yellow and red, characteristic of the fast food and sales.
The new definitions of style stripped the brand of its medicinal aura and the myth of unpleasant flavors and textures, in order to convey its central idea, inclusion:
we all share the same table, because what includes us is the taste.

At the request of Mercado McCann.
Creative Directors for the agency: Darío Rial, Marina Stern