Artisan quality cheeses made by people who love cheese

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The owners of Wapi came to us to redesign their visual identity, reformulate their photography style, their website and some of their packaging. We, for our part, try to capture in the design what Wapi thinks of cheese:
Each one should dedicate himself to what he knows, and we know how to make cheese.
We make cheese, too, because cheese makes itself. Because it is alive, it evolves, it matures.
We make cheese because there is not one that is the same as the other. Because we know them: for their nobility, for their simplicity, for their complexity.
We make cheese because we like bread and we like wine. We make cheese because we like it.
We make cheese because we love cheese


Packaging – Fior di latte cheeses

Packaging – Feta Cheeses


Ph: Eduardo Torres