Happy Pills

Sweets have the power to –even if only for a fleeting moment –improve your mood.

Candies are nothing but small bites of happiness.

Imagine a tiny retail space, sandwiched between two buildings in a narrow street of Barcelona’s gothic quarters.

Now, imagine someone having the idea of setting up a candy store right there.

Did we mention there are no schools or high schools in the area and there’s already an abundance of other businesses selling candies and sweets nearby?

Designing a very cool traditional candy store wouldn’t be enough.

For starters, we decided to target adults instead of kids.

We had a strategy. And we had a target. And we had an awesome name: Happy Pills. From there, the rest was simple.

Sometimes the opportunity to disrupt a category lies in the challenges it presents.
www.happypills.es @happypills.official
If that is true candies are nothing but small bites of happiness. And adults can use a lot of that in the world we live in.
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