The Adventures of a
Sardine in The Embers


A sad fate for all seafood that ends up on the grill. But a delicious fate as well.

Güeyu Mar, the restaurant on the Asturian coast, and its chef, Abel Álvarez, hold the highest prestige worldwide when it comes to discussing grilled fish.

 And they agreed to put their first canned product The Adventures of a Sardine in The Embers.

¡Manda cojones!

Without a logo, free from restrictive rules, the packaging becomes the message — a summary of the product’s content, a transmitter of the brand’s values, and an invitation to make a purchase.
    Or at least, that’s what we aim for.

We crafted packaging that endows the brand with a distinct and unquestionable identity, evoking a desire to possess or collect it. The design pays homage to the innovative spirit of the restaurant with an artisanal touch.

It stands as a dignified tin of sardines — a product category renowned for its historically beautiful designs — and serves as a narrative generator, contributing captivating stories and content for press and social networks.

Developed together with Entretanto lab in 2018
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