BEAUTIFUL_LAND is an independent branding and design studio, based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, reaching globally.

We specialize in projects related to branding, design, and visual identity.

Our focus is on crafting work that creates value through establishing profound emotional, conceptual, and aesthetic connections with consumers.

           In times when everything seems to be ephemeral, the most permanent element of a brand is its identity.

Brand identity, as the blend of concept and aesthetics, plays a pivotal role in the economy, generating substantial value for businesses, organizations, and institutions alike.

We believe that cultivating a strong brand identity is not just important, it’s an essential dimension in the realm of economic value creation. And the most beautiful one. Its goal is to create value, expressing their essence, purpose and proposition, thereby enriching the economic landscape.

Our mission is to cultivate that unique, intrinsic identity—be it language, humor, color, or typography—that sparks consumer identification and emotional connection, encouraging them to desire, touch, use, take, read, open, see, show, claim, and purchase.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity


Graphic design

Visual identity

Brand manuals

Packaging design

Editorial design

Graphic environments


Digital design

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