Museo Pueyrredón

Let’s peek into the 19th century

The Museo Pueyrredón is a portal to glimpse into life during one of the pivotal periods in the birth of the Argentine Nation

Visual Identity of the XXI Century for a museum of the XIX Century.

In this house, San Martin strategized the crossing of the Andes, Sarmiento carried out his presidency, and a significant portion of the country’s life and leadership unfolded and was immortalized by Prilidiano Pueyrredón, one of the most eminent artists of the 19th century.

Beautiful Land undertook the redesign of the Pueyrredón Museum’s identity, as commissioned by el Ministerio de Cultura de la municipalidad de San Isidro. The logo and signage aim to mirror the juxtaposition of discreetly spying, incorporating 21st-century codes into the ambiance of the 19th century. Yet, it also seeks to convey a sentiment succinctly captured by Witold Gombrowicz:

“Between that house and me a very arbitrary relationship has arisen … Why precisely that house, among so many houses? Now that light, these bushes, these walls provoke in me a commotion and every time I come, an untold weight submits me. Why is that strange, strange, strange, white existence in this garden untimely and does not let go? As I walk away, there is more and more violently.”

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