Chúcaros is a term employed by gauchos to describe both untamed horses and people with an indomitable nature.

It’s not a racehorse stud, it’s a team of equine athletics.

Chúcaros stands as the world’s pioneering Stud, redefining how horses are perceived by treating them not just as valuable assets, but as high-performance athletes comparable to NBA or Premier League players.

In our role as designers, we were tasked with shaping the brand’s graphic design and visual identity, creating an environment where horses are surrounded by a dedicated team of veterinarians, data scientists, jockeys, and caretakers, reminiscent of a cohesive multi-species sports team.

Within this unique space, traditional training methods harmoniously blend with specially developed technologies, ensuring each horse achieves peak performance.

Our challenge was to distill the indomitable spirit of Argentine horses and riders into a visual identity that seamlessly integrates the notions of teamwork and cutting-edge technology.

We found inspiration in the “Guarda Pampa,” reminiscent of the patterns on gauchos’ ponchos, which not only pays homage to equestrian traditions but also subtly alludes to the pixels of big data.

Much like the motifs on Scottish quilts, these Guarda Pampa patterns signify families, reinforcing the concepts of clan, group, and team.

Our design work becomes emblematic of our commitment to preserving the essence of Argentine horse and rider synergy — a union where tradition meets innovation in the pursuit of unparalleled excellence.

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