The state of
fashion in the
Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia

                     You just have to place the work of many talented people between two cardboard covers

A book you can wear. Or a dress you can read.

This project presented us with the challenge of creating an annual report for the Fashion Commission of Saudi Arabia that conveyed the importance, power, diversity, and creativity of the fashion industry in the Kingdom.

We had the numbers, but the numbers weren’t enough.

Commissioned by Consulum Government Advisory and based on an idea by @julianhernandezr, we sought to express the transformation projected for the industry within the Saudi 2030 Project.

We created a book that transforms into a dress by Jeddah’s cutting-edge @atelierhekayat. We included everything necessary to make the skirt in the book, from the needle and thread to 60 pages printed on fabric that can be cut and sewn. We also included a top and eight pages of illustrations for transfer onto the fabric through heat.

Moreover, ‘The State of Fashion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ offers a unique sensory experience on each page, with each one different from the last. 50 copies were printed.

It was produced by @doro_gold_books, an artisanal printing company in Rome, under the direction of @dinosalvatoregiorgio.

It was presented at Paris Fashion Week 2023.

It was designed in Buenos Aires by @beautiful_land_design

We designed nearly 330 pages one by one, edited over 130 photos, created 22 charts and data visualization graphics for 60 pages of fabric-printed reports, 5 embroidered pages, 8 laser-cut pages, 4 for printing on transparent celluloid, and 8 pages with heat transfer illustrations.

We also crafted 4 envelopes with different contents, a fabric label, a page with needle and thread inserted, a sewing pattern, an instruction poster, and a container box.

We were 6 designers, working for a month and a half, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. And then the hard work began.

This book is the result of the work of talented artists and artisans, meticulous in detail, passionate about their crafts, who brought it to life.

Thanks to the Saudi Fashion Commission and its CEO @burak_ny

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